V1 Virtual Display


Monday, May 09, 2005

Release v0.8.3 now available

V1 Virtual Display v0.8.3 is now available.


  • Basic sound theme support, with loading of sounds, and playing for startup/shutdown sounds. The sounds can either be in the themes directory, or in a skin directory.
  • Error and debugging information is written to a log file. The size of this file is capped (on startup only) to 128k.
  • There is now an option to log alerts to a file. The size of this file is checked on startup to make sure it does not exceed a user definable size. If the file exceeds this, it is copied to another file, and a new one is created. This logging can be turned off. The format of the file is a single line with the time the file was first written to (stdlib time, in hex), followed by one line for each unique entry, with the application time as the first value (hex milliseconds), and the alert (hex).
  • Alert logs can be played back. The time between changes is capped to 1 second to allow for quicker playback.
  • A new flag was added to the skin definition AlwaysShowLastMode which allows the skin to always have the mode indicator visible.
  • Changing of skins is now done in the options dialog. Skin preview images are are displayed if they exist. The preview images must be in the skins directory and must be gif format, with the same name as the skin.

DLL Changes:

  • The DLL had to change to reflect the v1.0 hardware, basically, reversing the mute toggle.

Skin Changes:

  • The skin XML format changed slightly, changing the Name element into an attribute.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

USB connection v1.0

I have finished updating the connections and have posted the latest schematic. This one has and input and an output jack (for simultaneous connection of the official remote display), and no longer pushes the mute button unexpectedly. I have a board layout, and am researching the best place to get some boards produced.