V1 Virtual Display


Wednesday, July 20, 2005


After months and months of effort to build the hardware to connect the Valentine One to a PC via USB, we are finally ready to produce a small run of test units.

Participating in the Pilot
Since this is a pilot, we are looking for individuals who are willing to participate in evaluating the V1 USB Adapter. We will be selecting 25 individuals to participate in the pilot. This number will help evaluate the effectiveness of the V1 USB Adapter, make any necessary modifications and incorporate any potential suggestions participants may have. We ask those participating in the pilot provide feedback about the operation and performance of the V1 USB Adapter and accompanying software. Occasional feedback will be requested of those participating in the Pilot.

There is a small cost associated with participation. These costs are simply covering actual production of these first 25 units. In an effort to encourage participation, we have tried to ensure the cost of participation is as low as possible. If you are interested submit a request for participation.

How to Request Participation:
E-mail dolphin@exitzer0.com and include the following information in your e-mail:
  1. Car Year, Make and Model
  2. Car Audio equipment and config
  3. PC equipment and config including:
    1. CPU
    2. RAM
    3. Hard drives, dvd drives, CF drives, etc.
    4. Monitor, including aspect ratio and resolutions that are used regularly as well as connection (VGA, SVIDEO, etc.)
    5. USB devices used regularly
    6. Operating system
    7. Commonly used applications, including media players, gps software, front ends or other applications that will commonly be running at the same time as the V1 Virtual display
    8. Startup/shutdown controller/method. How is your computer started and shutdown, and is hibernate an/or standby used regularly
    9. What kind of input devices do you use (touchscreen, mouse, etc.)
  4. Valentine One software version
  5. How your Valentine One is connected (e.g. hardwired, cigarette lighter adapter, etc.)
  6. What other devices you have attached to your Valentine One (remote display, audio adapter, etc)
  7. Approximate length of wires between each Valentine One hardware piece, including an estimate of the length of the wires to connect the V1 USB Adapter
  8. Modifications to the vehicle (engine, electrical systems…)

As a sign of appreciation for helping to refine this product, all those participating in the Pilot and providing the requested feedback will be given a generous discount toward a final product unit if the pilot is a success.

Hardware Requirements:
Valentine 1 compatible with the Valentine One Concealed Display
Windows 98, 2000, XP with USB and .Net Framework

Download the Software:
You will need the Virtual V1 software below. The software can be used to view skins and playback previously recorded log files, without a V1 USB adapter connected.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!